Funding Case Studies

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Reuben’s Story

Reuben lovingly held his new guitar and said he thought it was a dream. He never thought he would ever actually be able to have anything like it…

Chloe’s Story

Chloe was extremely pleased with her laptop. It will help her to get better grades in her GCSE’s and help with her course work.

Megan’s Story

We were delighted to purchase a special sewing machine for Megan… she’s really enjoying making mobile phone cases. Megan struggles with health issues and having her own sewing machine gives her something to focus on.

Young Carers First Aid Training at Shoeburyness Youth Centre

Over the course of two hours the young people attending the CHIL took part in a First Aid Training course held at Shoeburyness youth centre. The trainer of the course was paid for from funding from Aspirations.

The course included information on how to phone for the emergency services, when meeting an unconscious’s person to go through the check list ‘Dr ABC’. How to do CPR: adult, child and baby, how to use a defibrillator. The course also covered choking, analeptic shock, bleeding, fractures, burns, bandages.

St Lukes Youth Group

Aspirations kindly arranged a visit to London Dungeons for a new group of young people from St Lukes youth group. This was to help the group bond on a day out and build their confidence as individuals.

Dig-it Youth

This is a photo of Dig-it youth meeting at growing together in Shoebury. They wanted help with cultivating the land and growing their crops.

Dig-it youth is a group which was set-up in partnership with trust links aimed at young people targeted as needing extra support. They are young residents of Shoebury between the ages of 8-16. Aspirations provide courses that help to build confidence and self-esteem- This project was one of them.

Young Carers in Southend

This was a special day out for the young carers in Southend.

Two young carers supported by a youth worker told their story to Aspirations and had to tell them how an aspiration donation would help them achieve. In this case it could have been to gain confidence or learn something new as a group.

The water sports was a special day for the young carers, to treat them so they felt special for the day.

Bethany’s Story

Bethany Gregory was delighted to receive a laptop from Janice Lyons one of our Trustees.

Bethany attends Chase High School and wanted a laptop to assist with her GCSE studies especially photography.

Joseph’s Story

Joseph applied for funding with Aspirations to help with his travel situation. Joseph is currently at college and needed transport to travel there. He is expecting to start an apprenticeship in Electrical engineering soon and will then need to travel more extensively.

With the help of Aspirations, Joseph is now able to travel to college with his new bike.

Keana’s Story

Keana had applied for funding to contribute towards her volunteer trip to Nepal. Aspirations presented Keana with a cheque of £500 to help contribute towards her trip.

Chloe’s Story

Chloe had asked for funding in order to purchase a laptop for school and college work. Alongside also being able to apply for work experience placements and send out CV.

“I will be successful in getting a work placement for my college course and will be able to do assignments for my course. All vacancies require me to send CV’s and covering letters by email and having a laptop will mean I can type up my CV and send this out to businesses for a work experience placement which is my responsibility to find for my college course.”

Jasmine’s Story

Jasmine is a foster child with Southend Borough Council. Jasmine needs a laptop to complete her school work.

She is very focused on her career in hair and beauty with a goal on working on a cruise ship. She currently has a laptop that she uses but it is old and not useable. She is having headaches from using this laptop that is really poor quality and could use a new laptop to complete her school work to achieve her goal of hair and beauty.

Toggy’s Story

Toggy was really keen to start a course in cyber security as it had becoming a growing passion of his and was eager to start this alongside his GCSE’s. Since Toggy’s application to Aspirations, we have funded the Cyber Security EPQ course and he is now on his 11th week of the course. Toggy has also been he’s been allocated a tutor who is based at Warwick University to help him as part of the Cyber Security EPQ for independent learners.

We hope Toggy’s course is a success and he can develop his career in computer science.

Owen’s Story

Owen is starting as an apprentice electrician in September and needed transport to get to college and the workplace. We provided him with a bicycle of his choice with all the necessary equipment to keep him and the bike safe.

We wish Owen a very successful apprenticeship and all the best in his future ahead.

Kira’s Story

“I came to Aspirations because I am a young carer for my mother, and because of this our financial situation is difficult. Despite this, I would like to study history at Southampton University after I have finished my A2 exams this year.

Aspirations was able to give me a laptop which will be vital for my studies this year and university with me next year.”

Isreal’s story

Isreal is a chase high pupil who come to Aspirations for help with funding a 3D printer in order to help him run a robot club.

Isreal quotes – “The printer (so far) has allowed us to create customised components that we could not get anywhere else, to this end it has opened up the possibility of assisting small events and my friends. It opens up a huge amount of possibilities and changes the way you look at the physical world forever.”

Rosie’s Story

Aspirations helped to fund a British Sign Language Level 1 course for Rosie in order to support her ambition of becoming a Teacher of the deaf in the future.

Rosie quotes –

“I am currently undertaking voluntarily work at Glebe Primary School with deaf children alongside my college SSTLS course and the sign language is assisting my communicating with them. I am so very grateful to the team at Aspirations for their kind help.

Society of Southend High Schools

Another Aspirations grant awarded this time to the LGBTQ+ Society at Southend High Schools for Girls who wanted 30 LGBT books for the School.

Chase High Students

Three Young students came to Aspirations asking if they could kindly supply them with a computer in order to help with their studies and help them to achieve better results.

Here is a quote from one of the students:

Thank you for the funding your charity provided me with as the laptop you have given me has really helped with my coursework. With a laptop at home it just hasn’t made it easier to work it has given me more time and freedom to work on my own terms.

Keira’s Story

The laptop was to support Keira with her course work for school and studies, she was also going to share with her brother, who had just started to attend senior school.

Turning Tides

Aspirations provided games equipment for Turning Tides to assist with their youth instructor programme. The youth instructor programme consisted of young people working with juniors to help with their leadership skills.

The games were taken to summer camp in Wales so the youth instructors could assist there.

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